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Why Use Laser Cutting?
Updated date:2021-11-23

Why Use Laser Cutting?


Laser cutters have some big advantages when compared to other manufacturing techniques. Firstly, laser cutters can provide precision cuts thanks to the precise nature of laser beams 

Secondly, laser cutters can cut thin materials more easily and faster than standard CNC machines.       This is due to the fact that a laser cutter bed uses a gridded design that does not need to hold the workpiece down when being cut. A CNC, however, is required to make multiple passes when cutting as well as being required to hold the workpiece down while also needing to leave bridges between the sheet material and the part being cut.

Another advantage of laser cutting is that it can be used to cut far more materials than typical CNC machines. Sure, CNCs can be used to cut thick metal, wood, and plastic, but lasers can cut a much wider range of materials.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages by far of laser cutters is that they are one of the cheapest methods of production.