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"Integrated die-casting" will drive the rapid growth of die-casting equipment market
Updated date:2021-11-12

After Tesla successfully adopted the mass production Model rear axle body structure by body die-casting, other automakers at home and abroad began to quickly follow suit. At present, many foreign car companies have begun to study and develop integrated die casting structure on some models, among which, the new forces of domestic car manufacturers are the most active. Nio cooperations with wencan, Ruili and other die casting season parts companies, and plans to adopt integrated die casting structure in the next generation of models. In the future, domestic car companies are expected to quickly follow up. At present, the direction of die-casting technology has become a consensus in the automotive industry. It is expected that in addition to Tesla, other automakers are expected to purchase a large number of die-casting machines from 2023, and the industry is expected to achieve sustained high growth.


Integrated pressure change is expected to drive the explosive growth of pressure cuff equipment in the next decade, good core equipment manufacturers. It is expected to take 10-15 years for the penetration rate of integrated die casting to increase to 90%. It is assumed that the penetration rate of integrated die casting in the field of new energy vehicles reaches 70% and that of fuel vehicles reaches 20% in 2030. At the same time, the large-scale die-casting machine will bring the new demand of many fields, the application scope can be expanded and the space is wide, and the integrated die-casting process has the potential to extend to many fields.